EnvironmentSweden has among the most stringent environmental policies in the world and Incendio makes their products in Sweden’s heartland in the town of Karlstad. Karlstad is a town of about 90,000 people situated on the third largest lake in Europe.

The Incendio offices and plant are located in the town on a river that runs through it to the lake. Parks and bike trails are everywhere. Growing up in this kind of environment makes one very conscious of nature and how important it is to preserve it.

The stated environmental policy at Incendio is to “Consider the environmental in all our decisions”. This starts with the use of the land where Incendio is located and the ingredients that are used in our products.

Special attention is always given to shipping, labeling and handling of our products and everyone involved is instructed on how to follow all the correct procedures so as to minimize problems.

When it comes to the environment, you can count on Incendio to consider it Job One!